Figures & Insights for Chichester

About the Dashboard

This dashboard is a project provided by Chichester BID and supported by Noggin. It is intended to give levy payers and local interested parties quick and easy access to up-to-date statistics about the city centre.

We are always on the lookout for useful, relevant local data to add to this dashboard. If you are a local organisation and able to contribute data, please contact us.

Why is it useful?

Towns and cities are increasingly becoming digital, and data plays a key part in ensuring we are able to understand the city’s trends quickly and effectively.

By measuring footflow, for instance, we can understand how individual events performed and adapt & improve them each time to encourage visitors to the city.

Our retailer sales figures allow us to see how those visitors are spending, and look at options to encourage sales for our retailers.

Chichester City Centre is also the workplace and home for many thousands of people, so we want to make the city an attractive place to live and work as well.

Data isn’t a panacea for city centres, but it allows us to more precisely understand what is going on locally, and react & improve accordingly.

The sensible use of data, combined with relevant expertise and support of our levy payers is key to ensuring a prosperous and enjoyable city centre for us all.

For general enquiries about the BID:
Tel: 01243 773 263
or visit us at 82 North Street

For info about data and this service:
Sven Latham at Noggin
Tel: 01730 320 640